About Hillview College
Hillview College is a government-assisted Presbyterian Secondary School situated on the foothills of the Northern Range at the top of El Dorado Road in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago. It is a seven year school that prepares students for CXC/O-Level examinations at 5th Form and CAPE/A-Level Examinations at 6th Form and offers education in the areas of the sciences, business studies and modern studies. The school was established in 1955 as an all-boys institution, however, girls have been permitted to attend the 6th Form level since 1992.
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Academic Regulations

External Examinations

The College prepares students to write the Cambridge G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examinations and the CXC Secondary Education certificate as well as the Cambridge G.C.E. Advanced Level Examinations.

All students must be prepared to do eight subjects at the Ordinary Level with English, Mathematics and a Science subject as compulsory.

In Form Three, students are exposed to eleven subjects in the Humanities, the Sciences, Modern Languages, and Physical Education. Every student must do Computer Literacy in Form Three.

At the end of Form Three, students choose subject for their Ordinary Level External Examinations with the advice of the Dean of Studies.

Class Periods and Bells

The School Day consists of eight periods, five in the morning and three in the afternoon. First bell is rung at 8:05 am and Morning Assembly classes begin at 8:10 am. School is dismissed at 2:30 pm. There is a fifteen minute break for recess in the morning and one hour for lunch. A bell is rung at 12:30 to signal the end of play at lunchtime.

Students are expected to be in school at least ten minutes before the first bell is rung. Every student is expected to strictly obey the bells, and move quickly to their appropriate places.

Home Study

Every student should have an effective programme of home study. Home work and revision should involve at least three hours each day. All Home work must be done at home.

Parents are expected to check and sign all home work done. It is helpful for a student to make up a Home Study Time Table for the week.

College Regulation


The school uniform must be respected at all times whether in school or in the public.

It must be worn with dignity and propriety. Your uniform is your badge of honour and must be worn with pride.

The college uniform consists of blue short sleeved shirt, the college crest on the left pocket of the shirt, silver grey trousers and sneakers.

Trousers: Generally made of garbadine material. It must be of sober cut, plain and simple. Denim and corduroy are not allowed.

Corner of College and El Dorado Roads,
Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago
1 (868) 662-4314 | administration@hillviewcollege.edu.tt